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For more information, or for help opening an account, contact: green phone 2-1-1


  • Over 25 bank and credit union branches are participating in Bank on California. Look for the "Bank on California" sign in the window of your local branch.
  • People spend over $35 million a year at check cashers and payday lenders.
  • An estimated 30,000 have no checking or savings account.
  • Nationwide, an estimated 20 million Americans are unbanked.
  • Without a bank account, the average person will spend 5% of their income at check cashers each year.


Opening Doors, 916.492.2008 (Spanish line); 916.492.2591 (English line)

Please contact Opening Doors to enroll in the following workshops

OPENING DOORS 2015 Bank on Sacramento Workshops

Location: 1111 Howe Avenue, Suite #100, Sacramento CA 95825

    • Wednesday 3/18/15
    • Wednesday 4/15/15
    • Wednesday 8/19/15
    • Wednesday 9/23/15
    • Wednesday 10/14/15
    • Department of Business Oversight, 916.323.7012 or